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The ULTIMATE Engraving Sheet is now a reality.

Rowmark’s NEW UltraGrave™ is designed to be the industry’s most user friendly, multi-functional laminate on the market today. With unparalleled versatility, UltraGrave™ is engineered with a durable UV stable polymer cap in refreshingly vibrant colors, laminated over a tough acrylic core. This interior and exterior grade 2-ply sheet laser engraves with speed and ease and is also perfect for demanding rotary engraving applications. This ultimate “one product does it all” solution is available in both a non-glare matte and a satin grain finish.

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Color Palette & Product

Color Palette & Product

Color Palette & Product 2

Product Details

  • Product Specifications
    • Surface Finishes // Matte Non-glare and Satin Grain
    • Cutting Depth // .003″ – .005″ Laser or Rotary (Excellent Vector Cutting Ability)
    • Sheet Size // 24.125″x49″ Standard/Tolerance +.125/-0 (613 x 1219mm)
    • Thickness Available // .010″(0.25mm), .020″(0.5mm), 1/16″(1.6mm)
    • Material // High Impact Modified Acrylic Blends
    • Usage // Outdoor Weatherable and UV Stable
  • Applications
    • Interior/exterior signage
    • Personal identification
    • ADA compliant
    • Industrial, automotive and electronic labeling
    • Safety signage
    • Industrial signage
    • Trophies, awards and plaques
  • Capabilities
    • Interior/exterior
    • Shear
    • Saw
    • Screen print
    • 180F Max temp
    • Sand blasts
    • Hot Stamp
    • Scratch resistant
    • Flexible
    • Break resistant
    • Scores
    • Drills
    • Laser vector cuts
    • Bevels
    • Heat bendable
    • Bonds
    • Fine detail
    • UV stable
    • Back lighting*
    • Braille engravable

Key Features


With a critical eye for color, Rowmark has created this collection of trending colors to provide you the most up-to-date laminates on the market. Our affiliation with the Color Marketing Group and interior design industry gives architects and designers immediate access to color combinations that meet current specifications and customer demands. You will never again be without a range of products or colors to give you a competitive edge.

UltraGrave™ by Design

creating your own custom color
Rowmark recognizes that you occassionally need to take control of your design. UltraGrave™ by Design gives you that possibility. With an unlimited spectrum at your fingertips, you can create a broad range of custom engravable materials for fabrication…in color combinations that you choose.

Simply pick from the stock core colors (red, black, white, blue and gold)and gauge options, provide us your sample cap color and we will produce materials ready for fabrication in your laser, engraver or router.

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Submit your cap color sample via the online order form below. Be sure to specify your Pantone Number reference, CMYK breakdown and provide as much thorough detail as possible in the message field.


A Rowmark Customer Service Representative will contact you for additional information. Your specified Authorized Distributor will provide you your custom quote and lead time.


Order from your Authorized Distributor and receive your custom sheet plastic color for project fabrication.

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